Vet500 Top 10: Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort

Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital

At Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort in Norman, Oklahoma, it’s all about family — your family, their family, and creating a veterinarian/client/patient partnership that feels like a family. Family values shine through in everything that the hospital does; in their support of the Norman Animal Welfare, their homeless animal fund and especially the care pets receive at their veterinary hospital, pet resort, and boarding facility.

Sharing Family Values

Family is such a foundation at Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort that there are four full-time “Fritzlers.” Dr. Beverly Fritzler is the owner, Dr. Bryce Fritzler and Dr. Jennifer Devine Friztler are associate veterinarians, and Breawna Fritzler is the executive director. This family dynamic is appealing to clients as most of them view their pets as extensions of their own family and appreciate a veterinarian and staff that feel the same way. That family feeling extends further than just the furry members, “Many of our clients feel like family members, and we strive for every client to feel that way. We have designed our hospital around that concept as well, trying to make the aesthetics of the facility as warm and inviting as possible,” Breawna notes. It’s a concept that must be working since many clients have taken their animals to Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital since Breawna and her brother, Bryce, were young kids.

Having that family member familiarity may be nice when it comes to coworkers, but what’s it like working day-to-day with family? Breawna explains that the key is professionalism and setting boundaries. Work is work and home is home. While at the hospital, all staff members address each other professionally and hold each other accountable, so that the rules and protocols that the hospital has in place are strictly followed. When at home, the emphasis is on more personal matters with work talk kept to a minimum. “Although it can be difficult!” Breawna adds. This allows them to be present for each other in a personal way, as well as to be present for their staff family when they need it as well.

The Community Family

The sense of family at Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort extends into the community with their homeless animal fund and work with Norman Animal Welfare. The homeless animal fund is there to support the medical needs; including surgeries, treatments, and vaccinations, of animals from Norman Animal Welfare. Through this program, many animals are treated either free-of-charge or for reduced fees in order to increase their chances of adoption. Some animals are treated at the facility while more critical cases are brought back to the hospital. The homeless animal fund is subsidized by proceeds from the sales of Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort t-shirts and cookbooks, monetary donations, and adoption fees, as well as some organized events. Since the fund never breaks even, Dr. Beverly Fitzler, the practice owner, provides additional funding from her own pocket in order to give back to her community family.

On top of providing medical care for these homeless animals, staff at Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort donate their time and other resources in order to give these critters the best chance at a forever home. Some animals require additional rehabilitation to overcome medical or behavioral challenges, so they are taken home or on outings with staff members to acclimate them to a life outside of the hospital or shelter. This program successfully found nearly 50 animals their forever family last year, and Breawna notes, “We hope to continue to be able to increase that number every year.”

Treating the Furry Family

With a team that truly believes in family and community values, it’s no wonder that Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort is able to treat pets like clients want to see them treated-as one of the family. Not only does the hospital offer state-of-the-art services, like endoscopy and laser surgery, they can also be your pet’s home away from home with their boarding and grooming facility. Let’s not forget that they also offer rehabilitation and acupuncture. All of these services help ensure that a whole-body approach is taken to every patient, rather than just symptomatic treatment. This method allows the veterinarians and staff to collaborate with pet parents on determining the best modality for each patient. Something Breawna says is very favorable, “Most clients love that there are more options available to help their pet live the best life for as long as possible.”

Speaking of living the best life, the boarding and doggie day care facilities are something to bark at! Not only do dogs get access to plenty of indoor and outdoor playtime, as well as some socializing time for those that qualify, they can also partake in special services like massage and one-on-one time with staff members. Kitties may choose to explore in a separate playroom. Anything to make the animals feel more like they’re home with their families.  

With the shift in veterinary medicine trending more towards pets being considered part of the family, it’s no wonder that Rose Rock Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort is able to promote those family values that they believe in. “We strive to hire people that are truly passionate about helping pets AND their human counterparts,” says Breawna. They’re passionate about the whole family.

In this way they are able to support each other and help clients and the animals in their community, as well as achieve their ultimate goal, “That we always continue to provide the high level of care that we pride ourselves on.”


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