Vet500 #25 — Surfside Animal Hospital

Surfside Animal Hospital

In 2019, DVM Insider handed out the first ever Vet500 awards. Using a peer nomination system and combining this with criteria such as high reviews and levels of client satisfaction, these awards are intended to recognize practices nationwide for their efforts to provide empathetic care for animals.

2019 Vet500 Rank #25

Kind. Compassionate. Knowledgeable. These are just a few words that can be found on a quick perusal of Yelp reviews on Surfside Animal Hospital, the 25th-ranked practice in our inaugural Vet500 awards. Located in Oceanside, California, Surfside Animal Hospital is in the business of treating pets like family and always making good on their promises to the community.

Aptly staffed with six veterinarians on site, Surfside Animal Hospital is much loved by the local community, with clients visiting and electing to use this practice as their go-to for all their pets’ needs. “If you love your four legged friend, Surfside is the place to bring them for any treatment, from routine vaccines to surgery and emergency care,” one reviewer wrote. 

One way in which Surfside Animal Hospital makes an effort to provide services to all pets who need it is by offering weekly discounts on vaccination services. Each Saturday and Sunday, pet owners can bring their animals in for vaccines at a discount. This ensures that more pets are safe and healthy. Surfside Animal Hospital, which is located in a city heavily populated with stationed military and their families, also offers a discount to active duty service members and veterans. 

Staying With the Times

Surfside has made itself a convenient option for pet owners through their online store. By providing online ordering for everyday essentials such as food as well as more specialty items such as flea and tick prevention or supplements, clients can find everything they need in one space. And in the era of convenience and speedy delivery, this is a great way to stand out competitors. Think of it this way: would you rather your clients shop on for their pet supplies, or would you rather earn a share of the revenue while providing a more convenient and trustworthy option for your customers?

It’s difficult to stand out when competition abounds, but it does push us all to do better. The drive to be better than the rest should result in a higher quality of service offerings, a better patient advocate and caregiver. Surfside Animal Hospital answered the call, which is why they were the only veterinary clinic in the area to receive a Vet500 award.


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