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Well, it’s time to face the music.

We have a lot of time on our hands right now. Yes, many businesses — including most veterinary practices — are continuing operations in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are still massive limitations that have reduced many people’s daily lives to staying home as much as possible.

Naturally, it’s easy to feel hungry for something to do during a time like this. And no, catching up on that mound of paperwork or charting doesn’t sound appealing, either.

Luckily, we live in an age full of consumable media. One of our favorite ways to keep our minds stimulated and stay entertained (or learn something, or both) is to catch up on podcasts. 

The number of currently available podcasts reaches nearly to 1,000,000 — plenty of choices for even the most discerning listener. But of course, it can be intimidating to dive into podcast land with no guidance on where to begin. So consider us your podcasting tour guide; here are a few of our favorite podcasts that any veterinary professional will find useful.

The Veterinarian Success Podcast

Host Isaiah Douglass, MBA, CFP, wants to help your practice succeed. As a dedicated financial planner working with veterinary practices, Isaiah Douglass imparts his knowledge and insight on various topics affecting the industry today. From clinical advice to financial planning, this podcast is useful for any veterinary professional looking for some additional information and advice. 

How I Built This with Guy Raz

For anyone who has started or who owns their own practice, you know how difficult it can be to build and grow a business. We applaud you! Often, there is inspiration to be found in listening to the stories of others. One of our favorite such podcasts is How I Built This with Guy Raz, an NPR offering that features candid interviews with the founders of businesses such as Casper, Dell Computers, and Steve Madden. 

The Veterinary Marketing Podcast

Marketing is an important element of growing any business. And yet, many veterinary practices have been slow to adopt more traditional marketing practices, and even slower to join the digital marketing fever. This is something you should not neglect, particularly for those in close proximity to competing practices. Don’t be afraid! Marketing isn’t rocket science — and this podcast breaks down simple concepts to make them relatable to the veterinary audience.

The Daily Meditation Podcast

It’s true: meditation has immense benefits for people who work in high-stress fields. No matter what, learning to quiet the mind and allow thoughts to pass is an important skill to maintaining balance and peace. Try it sometime — we think you might be pleasantly surprised at how much even just a few minutes of peaceful meditation can help improve one’s day.

Podcast a Vet: Stories, Support & Community From Leaders in the Veterinary Field

We’re all in this together. That’s the idea behind Podcast a Vet, designed to inspire and draw from the veterinary community. It features interviews with veterinary industry professionals from around the country as well as insightful advice on topics such as what to do after graduating, balancing work with motherhood, and mastering work-life balance. 

TED Talks

A crowd favorite for inspirational and educational content, TED Talks bring experts, luminaries, and thought leaders onto the stage to impart knowledge on their subject of choice. (There are also videos if you prefer that medium.) In all likelihood, you can find a TED Talk on virtually any subject you could imagine, making this podcast an easy one to get lost in. 


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