Lead Magnets: The Missing Tool in Your Marketing Toolbox

lead magnet

There’s an easy way to attract new clients to a veterinary practice, and it won’t cost much more than the expense of some time and a dash of creativity. 

You may hear the term “digital marketing” and want to hit the snooze button, but the concept is simpler and more impactful than you may give it credit for. The reality is that veterinary practices must modernize and adapt in order to stay the course against corporate giants and e-commerce brands looking to eat into your client base.

Why not spend a bit of time upping the ante on your practice’s marketing game? Best case, you earn the practice some well deserved new business. Worst case, you become a better known brand, meaning potential clients are more likely to think of you when they need a new veterinarian. It’s a win-win for everyone.

So what is this “trick” we’re referring to? It’s simple: create a lead magnet that both establishes your brand as a visible authority in the industry and also places potential new clients into the sales funnel. 

Lead magnets are a popular tool that most digital marketers will employ at some point. The great thing about a quality lead magnet is that the options are endless in terms of what the physical asset is. Let’s work through some of the basics of using lead magnets to increase a veterinary practice’s online profile. 

What is a lead magnet, and how can lead magnets benefit veterinary practices?

First off, what is a lead magnet? Great question. A lead magnet is some sort of asset that is offered as an incentive in exchange for a potential customer’s email address or other designated piece of information of value to the brand. 

Lead magnets serve multiple purposes, the most obvious being a “warm lead” generator. A secondary but still valuable purpose of a lead magnet is to increase brand visibility by having materials in circulation among potential customers, such as a downloaded document or graphic, an app, or an infographic. 

What types of lead magnets are best for veterinary practices? Well, this depends. First, think of what sort of message and tone you want to set. It’s a good idea to keep a consistent tone, be it professional or conversational, or somewhere in between, across all communicated materials. 

For example, a hospital that is more specialized or research-focused might consider putting on a webinar consisting of video lectures and/or materials that are useful for interested parties. In exchange for downloading or attending the webinar, users could register with information such as email addresses to build a distribution list.

A clinic that is geared towards small animal pet owners might do better to entice users with a downloadable guide to puppy or kitten vaccinations and training. 

What do I do with the information collected? This information is valuable for marketing purposes. Be sure to obtain user consent to marketing emails (this is easy to do with most sign-up forms) before sending any communications, and never sell or give out customer information to third parties. 

Building an email distribution list is a great way to stay in touch with both current clients and potential new clients. Use the registered emails to start building your list. You can even segment the list according to categories; for example, users who register for a webinar could be segmented into “interested in science or research” while those who download the puppy vaccination guide could be designated as “pet owners”. This can help you better target future marketing and promotional content.

How lead magnets can help veterinary practices grow

While creating the assets that will be your lead magnet requires an initial investment of time and creativity, these marketing materials can continue to work for the business as time goes on.

Here are some common ways in which lead magnets and the information they can help generate is helpful for your veterinary practice:

Email addresses can be used for mailing lists. As we mentioned earlier, email addresses are useful because they can help build targeting mailing lists ideal for reaching customers and potential new clients. Always make sure to obtain user content to contact them, and never sell or give away information to third parties.

Interest in lead magnets indicates audience behavior. You can test different pieces of content to find out what appeals more to your target audience. This can help determine the direction of future marketing efforts.

Useful lead magnets build brand loyalty. Content that’s useful is invaluable for customers. The information found on the puppy vaccination guide or a summer pet care sheet helps establish your practice as an authority in the industry. This builds reputation and loyalty among clients. For this purpose, always brand any materials that a user downloads with your logo.

Lead magnets are a useful tool that every veterinary practice should keep in their pocket. Digital marketing is a part of the landscape now, and it will be beneficial to become adept at leveraging tools such as lead magnets to continue to grow your client base and reputation.


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