Dress Your Pet for Halloween: You Know You Want To

Halloween Costumes for Your Pets


You want to dress Fido for Halloween, so you say:
Don’t despair or feel fear; options abound.
If simple’s his style, how about a shark fin in grey?
Or a pair of matching pandas for your cat and hound?

Has he been very bad this year, worthy of jail?
Put him in stripes; so cute it’s a crime.
Is she fierce? Maybe a gator, complete with tail
Or perhaps she’s a princess, completely sublime.

If he could talk, would he say “Me love cookies?”
A headless horseman would induce double-takes,
Or how about racing riders for a pack of corgis?
(The Queen wouldn’t do it, but your dogs love to play fake).

If you’ve got a kid, too, consider a theme,
Beauty and the Beast or a wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.
Or go with Chuckie if you love a good scream.
Get creative: haul some beer or a chest of pirate booty – don’t you think that he would?

Does your pup sport a cone this holiday season?
Make hers a martini: shaken, not stirred.
He’d love to play Gump; he just needs a good reason.
Give him wings for the day, or make him a bird.

Halloween’s not just for humans; pets can enjoy, too.
Just don’t give your pet any stress, or, (gasp), a complex.
Have fun, keep it simple, and remember, say BOO!
Tricks, but no treats (no chocolate for pets)!


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