COVID-19 Market Update: Part II

Ackerman Group

In this week’s conference call, Dr. Ackerman will be addressing the effects of the current economic shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

You are focused on your keeping you families and employees safe and servicing the needs of your customers.  What does all of this mean for your transition plans and practice valuations in the market?  Should you continue down the path of selling your practice or should you wait?  

Dr. Gary Ackerman will conduct a panel discussion with industry leaders.  Ackerman Group is the leader in veterinary practice sales to the corporate market with over $400 Million in transactions since 2017.  If you are considering selling your practice in 2020 you will want to register below for this call.

Guest Speakers 

  • Brian Kelly, President, NVA  
  • Steve Ager, Chief Development Officer, NVA 
  • Eric Smith, General Counsel, NVA 
  • Edward Guiducci  Founding Partner,  Guiducci & Guiducci PC
  • Glen Hanner,  Tax Partner, WhitleyPenn

Register today for the April 28th Educational Series Conference Call
6:00 PM PST, 7:00 PM MST, 8:00 PM CST, and 9:00 PM EST


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