2019 Vet500 Results!

2019 Vet500 results

The search is finally over! After months of searching, counting votes, and tabulating reputation scores, DVM Insider is proud to announce that we’ve found AMERICA’S TOP VETERINARY CLINIC, according to customers and clients. But before we get to that…

Earlier this year, we began our search by opening nominations for our own Vet500, an annual ranking of the top 500 veterinary practices in the country. We received tens of thousands of nominations, carefully vetting (he he) them and verifying information for each clinic. The top nominees were eligible for the voting round in August and September, giving our respective communities the opportunity to show support for their favorite veterinarian. 

But it takes more than just a bunch of votes to make the cut for the Vet500. We recognize that clients are sharing their feedback all year long by leaving reviews on platforms such as Yelp and Google My Business, so ratings and reviews from the previous 12 months are a big part of determining a clinic’s final score. 

5-Star Reviews x Overall Rating + Votes = Vet500 Reputation Score

The 2019 Vet500 #1 Ranked Vet is….

You can see the complete list right here, we’re happy to announce that Angels of Assisi (of Roanoke, VA) has topped the rankings for the 2019 Vet500!

Angels of Assisi seeks to change the traditional definition of an animal shelter by offering services and programs to benefit the community, the people that live there, and the pets they love. The organization operates the largest private animal shelter in the Roanoke Valley, as well as a low cost Community Pet Clinic and farm animal sanctuary.
For more information about the Vet500TM, see our How It Works page.


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